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Iron-Man Racing Series Sponsor Spotlight:  Race Clean Products


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Iron-Man Racing Series Sponsor Spotlight: Race Clean Products

Race Clean Products specializes in hand cleaners and other products marketed towards the motorsports industry. Race Clean Products current product offering features two different types of hand cleaner, that have just been launched in 2021. The Original Hand Cleaner is a heavy-duty, solvent free, walnut shell-based cleaner that does it all, cleaning the toughest soils, greases, inks, paints, and almost anything else. This product is fortified with a new-generation emollient package that leaves your hands feeling great, as it a concentrated one-soap that does it all. The Fast Hands Waterless Hand Cleaner is a heavy-duty hand cleaner with emollients that is a non-abrasive formula that is gentle on the skin and will not clog drains, removing grease and oil and leaving behind a citrus crème scent and can be rinsed or used as a waterless application. Race Clean Products will be debuting multiple new products to their lineup very soon.

For more information about Race Clean Products, visit their website at

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